Student Responsibilities

Student workers begin by participating in training sessions to ensure that all are knowledgeable in the energy topics and safety procedures at commercial and industrial facilities. Special topic students are also trained on their respective topics. Next, students are trained how to use the diagnostic instruments that may be used while performing an assessment. Once this training is complete, students perform utility bill analysis on the upcoming assessment. On the day of an assessment, students follow the appropriate assessment protocol, listed in the above assessment tab, and also have the opportunity to be the student assessment lead for the day. After the assessment is finished, students take the gathered data and write a report that is sent back to the commercial or industrial facility 60 days post assessment.

Benefits of working for MSU-IAC

MSU-IAC prepares students to become the next-generation of energy auditors and engineers. Through hands-on training at operating industrial facilities, students can gain substantiate experience performing evaluations of industrial processes and energy systems. Oftentimes, employers will seek out IAC student graduates who gain real-world experience skills such as:

  • Conducting energy, waste, and productivity assessments
  • Using instrumentation and diagnostic equipment
  • Working safely in an industrial environment
  • Communicating successfully through written reports and presentations to clients.

These skills set IAC students apart amongst other students to potential employers in the job market.

Interested in working for MSU-IAC?

Interested student workers can apply using the Microsoft Form here