Mission Statement

Mississippi State University Industrial Assessment Center is partnering with Jackson State University and East Mississippi Community College (collectively the MSU-IAC) to provide industrial assessments to qualifying small-and-medium-sized industrial facilities. Assessments will be conducted in the state of Mississippi as well as any facilities in surrounding states. The MSU-IAC will support graduate and undergraduate students with high quality educational experience and professional training to students in industrial processes, energy assessment procedures, and energy management systems. Students and faculty will conduct assessments and provide recommendations in the areas of:

  • Energy and water savings
  • Wastewater treatment and management
  • Smart manufacturing/PHM
  • Cybersecurity
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Resiliency planning
  • Decarbonization/electrification

These recommendations and supplemental energy savings analysis will be provided in a report to each facility within 60 days of the initial site-visit. A follow-up call with the plant manager will be conducted six to nine months after report delivery to discuss the implementation status of assessment recommendations.