STEP 1: Pre-Assessment Information Gathering

Client is sent a Pre-Assessment Form. This form includes:

  1. Size of plant and plant layout
  2. Industry type (SIC/ NAICS code) and process description
  3. Production levels, units and dollars, operating hours
  4. A one year history of utility bills
  5. List of major energy consuming equipment

STEP 2: Ensure that key plant personnel are involved

  1. Plant manger
  2. Energy manager
  3. Environmental personnel
  4. Maintenance personnel

STEP 3: Pre-Assessment Analysis

  1. Analyze the manufacturing process
  2. Chart and graph utility bills
  3. Analyze utility bills for trends and errors; establish unit cost of energy
  4. Identify key energy systems
  5. Review design and other technical documentations
  6. Identify possible energy saving potential recommendations using IAC database
  7. Develop Assessment Day Strategy

STEP 4: Day of the Assessment

  1. Introduction
  2. Description of manufacturing process and operations
  3. Plant Tour
  4. Meeting room debriefing
  5. Review notes and brainstorm (Lunch)
  6. Refine list of opportunities to be investigated
  7. Data Gathering
  8. Exit Interview

STEP 5: Post Assessment Activities

  1. Conduct engineering and financial analysis
  2. Contents of an IAC Report
    • Executive Summary (including summary of recommendations)
    • Plant Description
    • Process Description
    • Resource Charts and Tables
    • Major Energy Consuming Equipment
    • Best Practices
    • Description of Individual Energy Saving Recommendations
  3. Follow-up to Report
    • Call client in two weeks to ensure delivery and answer questions
    • Call client in 6-9 months for implementation data
    • Upload data to IAC database
    • Inquire about potential for Case Study of project(s)